Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Ugly Costume Goddess

I bought my first bedlah in Cairo, from a costumier on the Khan el Khalili. Being young and inexperienced, I figured 'It's authentic. He's been making these for years. Even the worst costume here will be fabulous.'

It's a black and silver job with a paisley-esque motif. Even at the time, I thought that the single paisley design on each cup of the bra looked like a pair of eyes mesmerising the audience from atop my nipples. Once I got it home, that seemed even more creepy. (The belt, though, is beautiful.)

When I found Amulya's blog, What Were They Thinking?, I thought about my first bedlah, which has never been worn and is now in storage. There are a lot of 'boob eyes' on her blog.

Don't look directly into them! You'll turn to stone!

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