Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Australian Belly Dance Star Awards

If you're going to be in Sydney, Australia on 20 August, and you don't object to belly dance competitions, why not check out the Australian Belly Dance Star Awards? Tickets are available from Amera's Palace. Even if you've no vested interest in the performers, Dina is one of the judges so you might be able to get an autograph (cough, splutter ...).

A big zaghreet and good luck to Tais Derbasova, who'll be the only kiwi competing this year. This article, complete with an appalling pun of a title, should be taken with a grain of salt. It says Tais "was surprised to find negative attitudes toward the ancient dance in her new country" (she's originally from Russia) but neglects to mention that she lives in Auckland, which despite being New Zealand's largest city has one of its smallest raqs communities, proportionally speaking.

Tais could be in with a real shot, too: check out her YouTube channel and prepare to be impressed.

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