Saturday, 18 September 2010

Super Troupers: Bad names for belly dance troupes #1

After more than ten years of learning how to hip drop, camel, shimmy and zill - with mixed success - I've decided to share my meagre talents with an indifferent world and join a troupe.

*Waits for applause that never comes.*

At my Tuesday night class my teacher mooted the idea of sticking some of us intermediate/advanced types into a performance group and I didn't rule myself out. This has been my boldest leap onto the stage so far, though admittedly I haven't actually done anything yet. There have been hafla student performances here and there but nothing requiring actual commitment, so it's a whole new world for me. Anyway, it was pointed out that we might need a name. Immediately, really inappropriate and/or unintentionally hilarious monikers began flying through my brain, and I'm lucky enough to share my life with someone who has a similar love of naff word play. Why not join in? It's a game the whole family can enjoy.

We decided that a really bad troupe name would either have sexual connotations and/or excessive punning, be culturally insensitive (see 'sexual connotations') or just be more suited to a rock band. The Man and I had a really good time coming up with some total howlers, and we proudly present:


  • Whores of Babylon                                            
  • Hip Drop A-Potamus†
  • Hipsters
  • Desert Foxes
  • Serial Zillers
  • Flaming Hips††
  • Rumbling Bellies                                             
  • Hip Parade
  • Hipocracy
  • Miles Copeland Presents: Nile Riverdance‡
  • Nile-ism‡‡
  • The Order of Salome*
  • Hell's Bellies
  • The Bitches of Anubis
  • Shimmy Sisters
  • Get Your Raqs Off
    Anubis (bitches not shown)
†With apologies to Flight of the Conchords.

††I'm not totally against this one.

‡Before all the Bellydance Superstars fans start howling, Bellydance Superstars IS a terrible name and also, in the doco 'American Bellydancer', Miles Copeland admits that he got the idea of forming a belly dance troupe to flog Arab music after seeing what Riverdance did for Irish music sales. So there.

 ‡‡Secretly, I think this is brilliant but I don't think anyone in my class is going to go for it. We're probably going to wind up being called Daughters of the Lotus or something equally pastel pink.

*This sounds quite uncontroversial at first sight, but bear in mind that the 'order' Salome gave was for John the Baptist's head to be brought to her on a plate. Might be good if we were a Tribal outfit doing lots of sword work ...  

Like this post? More terrible/terrific suggestions in Part 2...


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