Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Lord and the Belly Dancer(s)

While browsing Corbis for images of belly dancers (as I do from time to time for costume ideas) I came across a picture of Princess Chirin Amina-Roshin-Geylani, with the following extraordinary caption:
The Dancing Princess. Twisting And Shaking Nightly... That's the life for Princess Chirin Amina-Roshin-Geylani who performs nightly in a Munich night club. Well known for her belly dancing, she earns $150. a night. The Princess is the estranged wife of Britain's Lord Moynihan.

I could find no information about her on Google, but had rather more luck finding the obituary for the third Lord Moynihan, who died in 1991. If, like me, you were an innocent on the subject of Lord Moynihan, prepare to have your mind blown. The Telegraph's beautifully sniffy elegy begins "The 3rd Lord Moynihan, who has died in Manila aged 55, provided, through his character and career, ample ammunition for critics of the herditary principle." And it just gets more appalled from there.

The photo they've selected from the Hulton/Getty archive with which to illustrate 'Tony's' in memoriam pretty much sums up the tone:

PS - as for the images of Princess Chirin herself, Corbis has snapped her providing a great example of why you should always get your costumes fitted.

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