Sunday, 13 February 2011


Oriental Dancer has a short piece by Morocco on Guedra - it's not a dance you're likely to learn from a teacher who wants you to 'shake it like Shakira' and, like most folk dances, it's intended as either ritual or for participation (i.e. not for audiences). The other problem with its accessibility for most belly dancers in the West is that it's not Arabic or Middle Eastern (Morocco, of course, is in North Africa) so the music and the style often doesn't 'fit' naturally into a term on, say, Oriental fantasy.

You can buy Guedra-specific music; I found this vintage album for sale on a French website:

Click here to buy
Disclaimer: I've never used this site so can't vouch for them!

And here's a couple of very different examples of Guedra in action. First up - a woman-free, dancing-free version, performed in someone's front room:

This time we've got women, we've got dancing, we've got a funky soundstage and giddying camera angles. You'll also notice we've got a tiny image of a creepy bloke in sunnies in the lower left corner, but he's not looking at you, honest: