Thursday, 10 February 2011

Stars of the 1970s: Princess Banu

I learn Egyptian Oriental style, but that's no reason for this blog not to occasionally detour the same way the dance has over the centuries, right? Liberties are also being taken with the dates here because I suspect at least one of these clips dates from the 1980s.

Massively successful in her native Turkey during the 1970s and 1980s, Princess (Prences) Banu earned notoriety for the overt sensuality of her performances and it's a reputation time has yet to revise -- as the rather brief, sniffy biography and chosen image of her over at the Belly Dance Museum attests:

Indeed, that is a smokin' bod. Here's what it looked like in motion:

Belly Dance Museum describes her as the 'best Turkish interpreter of the Egyptian school', but I think it's safe to say that there's still a strong Turkish influence at work in her style.

UPDATE 4/5/11: Here's an interview with the Princess herself, as conducted by Salome for Oriental Dancer [a site that has no relationship with this blog]. Verily, she gives good quote: "The physical aspect is also important, an Oriental Dancer requires breast and hips, long hair, these qualities assist in bringing out the figure. It is very important to take dance classes but from good teachers and it requires long hours of serious work." (Sorry, FamousFeline, I guess you're out of luck in the breasts department!) She also reveals that the pasties were part of her gimmick. Well, baby, if you got it... 


  1. Geez. You had to mention FamousFeline, huh?

    Yeah, I know. I mean, there're people who have the hardware and really know to bellydance (Ansuya comes to mind). Then there are those less curvy but with serious muscles who can rock it just as well (like Rachel Brice).

    But geez, louise! That's one hot bod! Sort of like Julie Newmar for bellydance.

  2. Of course I had to mention the FamousFeline! Rachel Brice is built like a cable (in a good way). I don't know what Princess Banu was built like ...