Thursday, 17 March 2011

Got sole(s)

Finally, I've invested in some dance shoes. After a few weeks I'm not sure what I make of them - I'm so used to dancing barefoot that it feels like dancing with hooves! But needs must: the marley floor in the studio where my regular classes are held isn't that well maintained and spins and turns were either impossible or painful.
Some hooves choreographing a forthcoming Riverdance performance.
Already my lack of adjustment has cost me: it's now so easy to turn that my tendency is to just fly in an uncontrolled circle like a little kid, rather than mark time with my feet. The other problem is that if you step on the edge of your veil while you're dancing in shoes you might not realise until you're flat on your face.
And although my resemblance to Bardot begins and ends with being a female human I'm not a rabidly right-wing, Islamaphobic, animal rights activist with devastating sex appeal  the reluctance to part with an unshod form of dancing probably has a lot to do with this scene in And God Created Woman (spoiler alert: Bardot gets slapped about a bit at the end, but I thought it was fair to warn you if you didn't already know):

On a side note, don't forget to keep your problems for our new agony aunt rolling in. (Boy, you're a troubled lot!) Jilly finally has her own email address: architeuthis(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk


  1. What kind did you get? I have the ugly Capezio tan flats that I use when we dance outside, or on a gross floor, but i don't have any of those sexy strappy jammies.

  2. I went really off-piste and got these ones:

    Indulging my Moira Shearer/Kate Bush fetish subconciously at point of purchase, methinks!

    (The home internet connection has shrivelled and died so I'm having to be naughty and comment from work.)