Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Holding post #1: Top 10 Classic Egyptian Belly Dance Movies

This is a "holding post" - the kind of post you do when your laptop splutters and dies in your arms and you roam the dirty city looking for an internet portal - any internet portal - that will take you in and give you a drink and let you pour your heart out. And when you find her and find that you'll have just enough time to update your stupid blog, you're sick on her shoes and she turfs you out into the street. You pass out on the night bus and wake up many, many postcodes from home, and when you next check your blog you've posted this: a straight copy from some other schmoe's blog, just for the sake of keeping your own blog active. <Hangs head in shame; swigs from bottle concealed in paper bag.>

OK, so the reason I've done this is partly because of the aforementioned dead laptop, partly because I think this is a good list, and partly because the Made Man blog is really sexist and awful and I didn't want you to have to go there just to read it, and partly because the original writer copied from a variety of sources anyway. The bit I've highlighted in bold gives you the general rancid flavour of what Made Man is like (please, whatever you do, don't bother looking at the other post tagged as 'belly dance').

But if you like this list, now at least you know where to go for the plot synopses that Din Clarke provided for each film. I've omitted them here so that his post might get some traffic out of this one. 'Kay? Now get the hell out of here. I have a hangover to sleep off.

The following is largely attributable to Din Clarke:

These 10 Old-Fashion belly dancing movies contain the seductive moves of some of the best dancers in history. [The Raqasa clenches her fists and takes deep breaths.] These films show the evolution of belly dance costumes and each dancer's individual style, as well as the beginnings of world wide appreciation of this dance form. [OK, if Din Clarke isn't totally paraphrasing or plagiarising here I'll eat my melaya leff pompom headress.]

A parrot (at right) with Naima Akef. This list is 60% Akef-free! 

1.    Tamr Henna (1957). Naima Akef stars.

2.    Gharam fi al-Karnak (1965). Featuring Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy and Reda Troupe.

3.    Inta Habibi (1957) starring Hind Rostum. ... Naima Akef also makes an appearance.

4.    Shati el Gharam (1950) with Tahia Carioca.

5.    Izzay Ansak (1956). Nadia Gamel.

6.    Khalli Balak min Zouzou (1972). Stars Souad Hosni.

7.    Mawal al Akdam al Zahabiya (1966). Nadia Gamel stars in this comedy.

8.    Aziza (1954). Features Naima Akef.

9.    Alham al Shabab (1943). With Tahia Carioca.

10.  Ahibek Ya Hassan. Naima Akef again.

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