Saturday, 5 March 2011

Stars of the 1970s: Nabila Abid

There doesn't seem to be much English-language info about actress/dancer Nabila available and she's new to me - but I like her a lot. If anyone knows anything about her please use the comments to help me out. This is the first clip I ever saw her in and she's very Nagwa Fouad-y. Everything about this floats my boat; the decor, the clothes, the moustache. The poor bloke doesn't stand a chance:

Here she is in a range of clips from various films, some of which look a little later (c. 1980s):

Nabila as she is today in this super-cool megamix - she's at the end:

And here's the explanation of what you've just seen in that last clip, based on that given by The CaroVan:

"First, a Nubian theatre troupe, then a dance competition scene (which is why the three girls dance to the same piece - I'm guessing it was Dancer in Green FTW), then an unknown dancer. The modern bit is from Amr Diab's movie Ebka Kablny. Nabila is interviewed at the end as part of a promotion for an upcoming programme."

If you enjoyed this, have a rummage around at The CaroVan's YouTube channel.


  1. Is that Amr Diab bellydancing near the end of the third video? My...

  2. Hi FamousFeline - I believe it is. The 'swatting bees/being electrified' thingee he does is especially awesome. I've just read that he's not very popular in Egypt at the moment because he fled with his family to England on a private jet when the revolution started. Not very right-on, Amr!