Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ask Jilly, the belly dancing colossal squid

Dear Jilly

You may think my problem is silly but it is totally driving me nuts.

One of my students has started stalking me, I think. She has started dressing like me when she comes to class and even though I know she lives miles away from me she takes the same bus as I do after classes just so she can “chat” to me. Seriously it must be about 10.30 at night before she gets home because then she has to get another bus back the way we came to get to her own place.

The other night she said that this was a big pain for her and that she was looking for a new flat in my area so that she wouldn’t have to spend so much time on the bus after class. That seemed strange to me – I mean, just don’t follow me all the way home every week!

Her new boyfriend looks a bit like my husband, which is not surprising because he's my husband's brother, and for the last three weeks she has emailed or texted me nearly every day (sometimes more than once a day) about really stupid stuff she doesn’t need to. Like if I like ducks, or what time I think she should go to bed so she can get enough sleep to be a better dancer. Those questions are weird, right?

Jilly has had a lot of experience in dealing with overly-familiar students
I have no idea what to say as an answer but not answering seems to make her mad. What has finally made me write to you is that just as I was getting off the bus last night, after another one of our long post-class trips home, she showed me a new tattoo on her wrist that is the same as one I have in the small of my back, except she has had a pair of devil horns added to it. I must have looked a bit freaked out because she said it was just to thank me for all the inspiration I have given her.

But I told my husband about all this and he is now super-spooked and wants me to stop teaching, which made me think maybe I had totally over-reacted and was making a big deal out of nothing. Also if I am honest, I am a bit afraid of what my student might do if I told her I wasn’t teaching anymore and didn’t want to hang out with her.

Am I being really paranoid? Or is my student actually stalking me?

Nervous in London

Dear NiL

Of course I don’t think your problem is silly, silly! To me there’s no such thing as a small problem; after all, I’ve had more near-death experiences than I can remember after swallowing plastic bags I’ve mistaken for jellyfish. Good thing all those reverse camels have helped my gag reflex LOL.

Anyway, to answer your last two questions: No. Yes.

Hope that helps!


Jilly x

Jilly the Colossal Squid is a belly dancer and agony aunt who sometimes answers questions submitted by readers of The Occidental Dancer, but mostly deals with stuff that's totally made up. If you have a dance-related question for Jilly or just want to know how she manages to dance underwater, email her: architeuthis(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.
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