Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Belly dancer behaving badly

When you are sponging off your ex-husband to the tune of $850 a month because you are disabled and can't work, you'd better not blog about "belly dancing vigorously for several hours a day" and post photos of yourself doing it.

Just a tip.


  1. I SAW this! What a dipshit. Seriously.

  2. Oh, and it gets better!

    “My belly dancing is the reason why I adore myself so much…Today I decided to dedicate myself more to my dance. Even though I dance everyday, it’s not enough. It won’t be enough until I dance for you all, until you feel my euphoria,” wrote Reikki spiritual healer Dorothy McGurk.

    McGurk, who testified that she can “channel God’s light to facilitate healing,” had convinced the court that she couldn’t work, and rarely left home or [socialize] because of injuries from a 1997 car accident. Three years ago, she won a settlement of $850 a month for life from ex Brian McGurk, as well as the couple’s home. But after her ex discovered the belly dancing blog in which she claimed to have danced “everyday for three years,” he begged to differ about the severity of her injuries. “She told outright lies. If she could blog for hours, if she could dance the day away in Manhattan, then how is it she couldn’t hold down a job?” argued his lawyer. ...

    In addition, they highlighted a Facebook entry where a friend asked the belly dancer why she had not posted photos of herself from a recent belly-dancing performance. “Gotta be careful what goes on line pookies. The ex would love to fry me with that,” she responded. The dancer defended herself in court, saying she was prescribed belly dancing as treatment for her injuries…a statement her doctor contradicted on the stand. Ultimately, Justice Catherine DiDomenico stripped her of her lifetime alimony settlement: “The court credits husband’s testimony that wife slept all day or otherwise spent her day on the computer participating in Internet blogs.”