Monday, 11 April 2011

Meet Jilly!

Hi everyone,

I am finally here! I know The Raqasa promised my first column a while back but you guys have really kept me busy. It took me quite a while to choose the first letter I'd respond to. Plus, there was that whole 'collision with a cruise liner' thing - but hey, we're here to talk about your problems, not mine! Who would ever have thought that the land-based belly dance community had so many disgruntled little twinkle toes on it, hey? So without further ado, let's hear from our first unhappy shimmy sister:

Dear Jilly

I have been belly dancing for six months and really feel I have found the one thing in my life that I want to dedicate myself to. It feels like I have a natural affinity with the music – my heart adjusts its rhythm to every beat and I feel my heart chakra like the force of the whole universe flowing through me and out through my face and fingertips when I dance. Truly it is a magical feeling and it reflects in my dancing. I move through my classes like water. Like Wind. Like Fire. When I pause I am as ice. As Stone. All time is in me. All humanity is in me. My womb is the space in which all begins and ends. From my letter I know you will be able to tell that all I do and create is ART.

Jilly, my movements are so beautiful when I dance that I move myself to tears. But my teacher, the graceful one that I have come to regard as my true mother, cannot see how glorious my connection with this dance is – how truly I embody it. Her jealousy saddens me and it is poisoning the other members of the class against me. They should be my supportive sisters but they refuse to learn from me, to see how to be honest and true to the music and the rhythm of themselves by watching me. They will not nurture me.

It would break my heart to move on from them but I cannot be constrained anymore. It is time for me to take my gift to the world and show others how to live the dance, to be the wisdom-giver and love-bringer I know I am.

I live in [address redacted], where the average studio hire per hour is [redacted]. How much do you think I should charge per class?

With much love,

Earth, Wind and Fire

Dear Windy

With gifts like yours you are obliged to teach and perform for free. No price can or should be put on the kisses the muses have bestowed upon you – and it would be immoral to keep your world-enhancing talents to yourself. Good luck!




  1. I love you, Aunt Jilly! You're like... Dear Abby for bellydance!

  2. Why, bless you! That is so kind. I was a bit worried that my unconventional appearance might upset some people but it seems that the dance community on land is just as welcoming as it is where I live. Shimmy on!