Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sabah: Zay al Assal

This is legendary Lebanese chanteuse Sabah performing her most famous song, 'Zay al Assal' ('Like Honey' - I don't speak Arabic, so help me out if I'm wrong). Razia used a stonking version of this in her class last night - lots of added bass - so here's the original flavour.

This is what it tasted like then...

...and now-ish:

It does go on a bit, so just enjoy the hair and clothes if you don't want to sit through both clips in their entirety. There's no shame in that: skip to around the six-minute mark on the second video for a classic shot of a bored audience member.

PS - I must apologise for Jilly's post yesterday. She turned 7 on Sunday (her life expectancy ran out three years ago), so she was feeling a bit emotional. I've already had people tell me they find her "confusing" even when she's on form [they've obviously not read her profile], and now they're offended by her posting of 'pornographic' images. Unfortunately, I made a deal with her that I wouldn't edit her posts. It was a deal-breaker when I was negotiating with her to write for the blog, so what can I do? I'm taking her on a nice belly-dance based holiday in August, so that will be something for us both to look forward to.

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