Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A T-shirt design for all of us

Last night in a workshop, conducted in the world's tiniest studio, I was unlucky enough to dance directly in front of someone who, no matter how large my travelling steps or how far away I would move from her in between sets, would always wind up dancing right up my butt. I mean right up my butt. There was a serious risk that she might suffocate in there before someone could pull her out. It really put me off my stride, I can tell you.

Surely I am not alone in having to deal with the class limpet/leech? That one person who sticks to you as though their very existence depends on having access to either your locomotive ability or your warm, life-giving blood? These people are either vaguely vampiric or just lack proprioception.

For those who simply have no idea of where they are in relation to others, I have designed a T-shirt using a quick search of Wikimedia Commons all the artistic and design ability I have. The dream is that we'll all be wearing these in class as a dancer's version of the "Baby on board" bumper sticker or the "If you can't see my wing mirrors, I can't see you" trucker's mud flap. What do you guys reckon?:

Perhaps these could be printed up and stuck on Zazzle or something.