Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bizarre costume time

I really can't see this look catching on, can you?


  1. Nothing irritates me more than seeing some slimeball post a belly dance video on YouTube creatively titled " Hot and Sexy bellydancer"

  2. I agree that the heading on this is not the best, and I did hesitate before posting this for that very reason! (It's been sitting in draft format for months.) But the mood of the previous post was so despondent that suddenly a clip of a woman dancing in a costume made of rubber masks seemed weirdly cheery, despite the 'hot n' sexy' tag. Besides which, given all the madness in this vignette, isn't it hilarious that 'hot n' sexy' was the best tag (he) could think of? You're right - the creativity of the YouTube mouthbreather is zilch. The creativity of this costume designer, on the other hand, is off the scale!