Saturday, 25 June 2011

I will fight you for him

As previously mentioned, in August Jilly and I are off on a belly dance based holiday (RAKS BE). Because it is the year 2011, RAKS BE has a Facebook page. Anyone is welcome to publicly declare their "like" of it and write on its wall.

You might think that a Facebook page for belly dancers might attract a certain undesirable element of the heterosexual, internet-using, male population. Happily, thus far that has not been the case. In fact, to the joy of RAKS BE attendees everywhere, the reverse has been true.

One wall post has emerged head and lightening-surrounded shoulders above the prosaic venue announcements and questions about whether or not to bring a melaya to fill the RAKS BE page with testosterone-soaked, female-attracting magic.

Here is the delectable Mouh Friend:

Be still, my beating heart. I apologise for the quality of this image, but I think the suave-itude is still dripping of the screen in waves, isn't it? This is obviously the profile picture of a man with a deep knowledge of, and abiding respect for, oriental dance. His FB page confirms as much: his favourite movie is Rambo and he supports Real Madrid, the belly dancer's football team of choice.

"Please ask for friendship with me in Facebook", murmurs Mouh, and ladies -- we had better move fast. We may ask for his friendship, but reading between the lines it seems obvious that Mouh will offer a lot more in return. Mouh already has ten Facebook "friends", and at least eight of them are young, attractive women.

16 is a barely manageable number of eyes to scratch out as we literally claw our way to becoming Mouh's best girl, but if you want to really impress Mouh hand-to-hand combat skills may not be enough. Familiarity with heavy weaponry and falconry would be advantages.

Plus, you'll have to make it past me and my nun-chucks if you really want a chance to share Mouh's heavily Photoshopped world. Verily, the course of true love never did run smooth.


  1. He studies Plumbing at Harvard??

  2. Well spotted, Famous! Love a duck...

    On the other hand, his profession and education are as plausible as any of the photos Mouh has posted of himself.