Tuesday, 21 June 2011

It's not just you

Yesterday was all about the "OOFF!" But today is about the more Mudane Moments of Merde.

You don't need to spectacularly face-plant in order to walk off stage or out of class feeling like the most unco-ordinated set of limbs ever to be attached to a torso: but don't worry because ....

... it's not just you.

Though, it must be said, the little girl who uses her errant hip scarf as a prop is For The Win! A budding Cassandra Fox*, methinks.

*Mini-disasterette strikes at about the 6-minute mark.


  1. They're great, aren't they? What's so cool about these, apart from the fact that the dancers posted them themselves, is that they prove just how important smiling and carrying on is!