Monday, 20 June 2011

Ryan Dunn memorial post: Agonising moments in belly dance

Ryan Dunn, erstwhile star of the ridiculously sado-masochistic MTV franchise Jackass, was killed in a car accident this morning. No one who has reported this sad fact, including me, can help but mention that 34 year-old Dunn will be best remembered for inserting a toy car into his anus. On camera. Perhaps it is best to leave no legacy at all than one like that.

My point is that Ryan would likely have appreciated the clips in today's post. However, if you are not an overgrown teenage boy with all the finer feelings of a pair of medieval forceps, you may not want to watch this first one at all. Or at least, you may want to watch it through your fingers.

She's a pretty good dancer, so if you want to enjoy this without the horrifying ending, I'd recommend just hitting 'stop' the moment she breaks into her backwards chou-chou shimmy. Are you ready? 'Kay, let's do this:

Ye gods - but I can assure you that there's a slightly longer version of this clip that clearly shows she gets up and carries on like nothing happened! Now that is a professional. Hopefully she got a good stiff drink while she was down there.

This is not a professional, and because it doesn't involve falling from a great height on to the business end of a bar you should find this pretty bearable. At least, it's not in the same league as The Wardrobe of Justice:

And tomorrow, there'll be more of the same but without the pain. Can't wait!

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