Thursday, 21 July 2011

A belly dance costume without glamour is ...?

At the risk of stepping on the beautifully pedicured toes of Amulya over at What Were They Thinking?, I would like to direct your attention to this unusual design, currently available from Farida Dance for the bargain price of £180.

[Whistling and inspecting my fingernails as I wait for you to recover.]

The cap and the wristbands are a nice touch, dontcha think? Who hasn't watched a dancer spinning around a restaurant and thought, "That dancer has lovely hair, but not so lovely that she should be performing without a baseball cap"?

Farida bills this honey as the perfect outfit for 'Forces Fusion' (ye gods...please, no one do that for real). However, if you have seen the documentary Beauty Will Save the World, about an international beauty pageant in Libya, you may be reminded of the blackly comic finale in which the competitors used the medium of modern dance to re-enact Gaddafi's bloodless military coup.

I have to give props to Farida for sticking this on a smokin' hot blonde with a kick-ass smile. Nice move, Farida - I was almost convinced that this costume was the shizz: then I realised the model would look great in a bin liner and came to my senses.


  1. Damn that's ugly!

    I love Farida Dance, but they do have some 'interesting' products in stock at times. They've got a Hoda Zaki dress at the moment that must have given the model a migraine!

  2. From the front it looks like anything but a belly dance costume - maybe more hip hop or street dance? But then there's the back view and the discoloured plastic strap, at which you point you realise it is not fit for anything.

    I must admit I've bought a couple of things online from Farida and been less than impressed by the quality when they arrived (frayed hems, mardi gras beads etc), so maybe I'm biased against them now!

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