Thursday, 11 August 2011

Belly laughs

Guess what? I went to my zagat class on Tuesday with Galit Mersand and there was NARY A PEEP to be heard on the streets of London. I have never seen the Euston Road filled with so many empty buses trundling along. If you were in Manchester on Tuesday, however, my condolences.

Although I've blogged a couple of clips of Galit before, I wanted to show you why she's totally worth being clobbered with a billy club for. Plus, she turned up to class too so it would have been cowardly custard of me to bunk off. She's Israeli so maybe a few teenagers on the prowl for X-Boxes aren't that intimidating to her ("Have you heard that people have been queuing to loot?!" she demanded of us at one point. "That's the English for you! 'Form an orderly line if you're here to break the law'!")

Anyway, here's what the big deal is: she's a great dancer and a comedienne. At the same time:


  1. Oh, gawd. It's 6.49 AM and I'm laughing so hard. Thank you for the post and I'm glad you decided to take the class.

    I hope London will calm down soon. Stay safe!

  2. Thank you very much! It seems to be getting back to normal-ish around here (well, as normal as London gets anyway), though obviously things will never be the same again for those who were directly affected.

    Yeah, Galit is pretty hilarious. And as you can see from the clip, she also has awesome, enviable hair. To make it worse, it's real. Grrrr...