Monday, 8 August 2011

Good to meet you: Aziza of Cairo

This is obviously not Aziza, Canadian flavour. But this Aziza is a rising star on the Cairo scene. A surprisingly informed and, by YouTube standards, respectful debate is raging about whether or not she's just copying Dina.

Meanwhile, lest you think that that costume marks a new era of austerity for dancers, check out the 'groping hands' cups on this bra!:

"I'm a woman, honey, not a radio. Twisting those things won't get you WKRP FM."


  1. She's copying Dina? How?

    I just love her dancing and costume in the first video - her shimmies are to die for. The JanetJackson-esque hand-on-boobies costume is just too much.

    I think she's the first Egyptian dancer I enjoy watching.

  2. Also, I don't understand the design of Egyptian bras nowadays: where the middle of the bra is transparent and the two cups look as if they were glued on to the boobies.

  3. When I wrote "I don't understand", I meant to say: I don't like it.

  4. Wow! I'm glad you like her - I think she's pretty special too. I also agree on the bra design thing. The worst are those cups that look like the McDonald's logo: straight along the bottom and straight at the sides with the gap in the middle as you describe. Really, breasts are not shaped like that. I suspect that the designers of those bras are working on paper dolls and are simply unable to adjust their work for the flesh-and-blood realities who'll be wearing them.

    - The Raqasa x
    10 August 2011 21:31