Monday, 15 August 2011

Good to meet you: Tracey Jones

This is Tracey Jones, in a clip filmed last year. In 2006, she was the winner of the UK National Belly Dance Competition. If, like me, you'd never heard of Tracey or you didn't know her story, you might watch this and think that at times there is something a little 'off', but you probably wouldn't be able to pinpoint what it is.

Well, as good as she is in this clip, Tracey is even more amazing than she seems. You are as stony-hearted as a stony-hearted thing with a stony heart if her story doesn't get you to at least the 'peeling an onion' stage of teary-eyes. I will never use cramp or bad weather as excuses to cut class again.


  1. I saw her perform at Majma last year - I think it was her first time back on stage? Beautiful and so courageous.

  2. Hi Foodycat - nice to meet you as well :)

    Ooh, lucky you getting to see her live! She's back teaching too, apparently (I will update the post with a link to her site). Someone had suggested in the YouTube comments that it would "be cool" to see her dance without her prosthesis, but she slapped that down pretty quick: "The fact that you cannot tell is why it IS cool. I cannot see any benefit of a one legged dance other than being a spectacle, which is not the point. The point is overcoming a disability to the point of being graceful and balanced enough so as you cannot tell."

    Mission accomplished. (As an aside, I also think her costume is the business.)

  3. Hi Raqasa - I think we have a mutual friend (Dawn Harvey)? The bellydance world is so very small.

    WTF with that comment? That's just perverse. I agree, it would just be spectacle.

  4. Man, it's a tiny world isn't it? I might have to start watching my Ps & Qs...
    I don't actually know Dawn but I'm sure she's going to the same classes with Galit that I am! And remember her from a really cool performance to "Raqs Africa" that she did with some of her students at Fantasia a couple of years ago.

  5. It was the reference to going to Galit's class during last week's riots that made me join the dots!

    I used to take classes with Dawn. I am mostly ATS these days, but I still do her workshops when I can.