Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quiet riot

Tonight my company is sending us home early. We're in an office just off Oxford Street in central London and there are riot vans parked outside our building in anticipation of 'trouble' (i.e. violent mouth-breathers doin' some lootin' an'-a muggin').

This puts a spanner in the works of my plans for the evening: I have a pre-paid zagat class with the marvellous Galit Mersand that I am loath to miss. It's not until 7.30pm and I was going to hang out here until about 7 and then head up towards the Euston/Kings Cross area. Even if I could still do that without being booted out by security, one of my friends has just pointed out that since that part of town is known for being a bit, well, 'volatile', maybe I should skip class altogether. But what to do in the meantime? Find somewhere where I won't be swept up in mob violence and then go to class? Or just head home and stuff my face with food while the city burns for the fourth night in a row? Ha-hummm ... it is a beautiful evening ... but I do want to learn this choreography and summer classes were so hard to find ...

Dammit. Why have these bastards got no respect for the needs of middle class hobbyists?!

UPDATE (7pm): I'm home and I'm off to class. Best of both worlds, because if we don't try to live our lives as usual then I paid £10 for nothing this thing will never be over.

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