Friday, 2 September 2011

Good to meet you: Ebony

In yesterday's post on Bettie Page, I made a rather snide comment about how her moves were comparable to those you might see from drunken party animals when the DJ in some godawful club starts playing that stupid Akon song about "shaking your body like a belly dancer".

Then I got to thinking (I know, I should have done that BEFORE I posted). It dawned on me that maybe there was a dancer out there who not only knows what's what but would, you know, take that song and own it. And whaddya know:

Oh, she looks GOOD. Great outfit, great smile, fabbo moves. I could do with some more of that:

These clips aren't here in service of a fusion debate. I really enjoy watching Ebony dance no matter what style she's doing (she also does straight up raqs, and you can catch that on her YouTube channel). She toured with the Bellydance Superstars in 2008 and doesn't need to prove her chops to anyone. Of course, that hasn't stopped the mouthbreathers from chipping in with their insightful criticisms of the "fuk this this sux" variety, but Ebony is gracious enough to rise above it. "i understand if you don't like it. i'm sure you're not alone. but it makes me happy, so i do it!"

As long as no one uses that line as a justification for rolling on the floor like they're at the Badda Bing when the tips are flowing and calling it 'belly dancing', all I can say to that is Amen.


  1. Wow, that song is horrific, but she totally owns it!

    I love dancers who can make fusion really work for them.