Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Weird Wednesday Woo (Part 2): Belly dance on tiny wheels Hatem:

Because I'm always searching out the weird for this blog, I banged "belly dance roller skate" into my internet machine and found that Pirika Repun had shared this on Belly Dance Forums. Do you love 'im or Hatem? Geddit? He he he he ... um.

UPDATE: Hatem doesn't always dance on roller skates! Here he is rocking a peacock costume and getting the party started with some friends:


  1. find the weirdest stuff.

    I hope that was more impressive in real life than it was on the screen- looked like Caspar the friendly ghost!

  2. Well, he's by far the best dancer to ever "glide across the dance space to show stage presence". His actual belly dance vocabulary is somewhat limited, though.

    I do applaud his amazing spatial and depth perceptions: that stage is too tiny for any performer on rollers.

    Also, did he fall down at 0:33?

  3. Lilith: At least he looked like a friendly ghost! But did you notice that his "wings" don't match? And that he just about takes out the gas lamp? Easy, fella!

    FamousFeline: I agree about his astonishing depth perception and 0.33 looks like a dip to me, but it could be a well-recovered fall. Because you pointed out that he doesn't seem to do a lot of actual dancing, I've added a clip of him sans skates out of fairness to him. It turns out he can do a lot more with his soles in contact with the floor - as indeed, can most of us ;)

  4. Any guy who wears a peacock costume and has not one, not two, not three, BUT FOUR guys as back-up dancers, earn my respect. WORD.

    That's some crrrrraaaazzy spins at 2:51! That's even crazier than Zoe Jakes'!

    Hey, I thought I saw a "Stars" entry that you did on Rachel Brice. I swear my Blogger Dashboard displayed the entry, but it was gone when I clicked on it.

  5. You're not going mad - there was a "Stars" entry on Rachel, but then I thought better of the post's timing and I'm saving it for Halloween (I'm contrary like that). It is going to reappear, so stay tuned!