Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The day in awesome: males in veils

Dangerous Minds reports that Egyptian student Aliaa El Mahdy has set up a Facebook page where men can post pictures of themselves wearing the veil. Some of the gents are taking it one step further and are also rocking a little kohl with a soupçon of coquettish smile.

via Masha Egupova @ Cairo Cat
Said El Mahdy:
"The girls I know who wear the veil do so because of their families or to avoid being hassled in the street. I don’t see why we should always dictate what women must wear and never what men must wear."
Aliaa has form for using the internet to challenge the perception of women - previously she posted nude pictures of herself on her blog (link takes you to an article about it, rather than the blog itself). However, this strikes me as a far more creative and engaging initiative, and far less open to misinterpretation or wilful misappropriation. Mad props to Aliaa and all the guys taking part.

Although it's in Arabic, the ability to "like" her page - called "Resounding Cries" - can be done in any language.


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