Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Weird Wednesday Woo (Part 4): Dancing barefoot, but in heels

Some bright spark with a knack for Photoshop has been ruminating on the "meaning" of cosmetic surgery and where it might go next. If our fashion and body-obsessed culture is telling us that invasive surgeries and uncomfortable clothing are the way to attract love, success and happiness, why not combine fashion and surgery so that certain wardrobe embellishments can permanently become part of our bodies?

What they've come up with may be pushed into sick reality by an incredibly indecisive Oriental dancer who can't choose between heels and dancing barefoot.

If you are squeamish, then so sorry about this and so on, but really - what are you doing on the Intertubes? In any case, just remind yourself that these are brought to you via the magic of Photoshop:

via Geekologie

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