Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another weekend, another hafla

In a couple of hours I'm off to Wembley for round 2 of Bellydance Trophies. As with the hafla I went to last weekend, I'll be tweeting in between performances if you're remotely interested in finding out how it's going.

From its website, the venue looks the set of an early 1980s sci-fi show (i.e. worth going to whether there are dancers or not).

UPDATE (Tuesday 6 December): For those of you who did follow along on Twitter, I apologise for the misspellings of names! An especially humble apology to Zana, the heat winner, whose name I just couldn't catch no matter how I angled my ear trumpet towards the MC. My companion, the beautiful and patient Christina, receives extra props and abject expressions of thanks for spending the time between performances staring at my ear as I hunched over my phone.

For those of you who didn't follow my inane tweets, the Round 2 contestants and their placings in the heat were as follows (the numbers before their names are their competition numbers):

08 Amy

09 Bianca = THIRD PLACE

10 Chloe

11 Firuza

12 Maelle = SECOND PLACE

13 Keisha* (originally meant to perform in the March heat but swapped places with Saffron)


The judges were Nawarra, Anne White, Shafeek Ibrahim and some random dude from the audience. A huge congratulations to all seven dancers. They put on a terrific show and all of them looked like they belonged in the final. I think the judges made good decisions and I don't envy them being the ones to make it!

Heat 3 is, I believe but don't quote me on this, 15 January 2012. How nice for the dancers in that heat, to spend all Christmas and New Year in a state of panic. It will again be in Wembley, in the same tatty venue with its carpet of old black chewing gum. Ah, belly dancing. It's a glamorous business, innit?


  1. This might be off-topic, but I have a present for youuuuu...

    Consider it an early Christmas present.

    I don't know how to make of it, though.

    PS: fun starts at 1:40

  2. Thank you very much! I am going to take a look at this tonight x