Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Special: Wookie Woo

By the man-bits of Chewbacca! It's almost the end of the year already and it's Christmas this weekend - can you Adam and Eve it? Let's get into party mode with this mad French ballet/disco homage to Star Wars:

Are you feeling festive yet?


Then how about some more disco Star Wars-style, with Kris Kristofferson and Donnie and Marie Osmond?

How about now?

I went to the last Hafla on the Hill for the year in North London on Friday night. It was so much fun - not least because downstairs there was some kind of men-only Irish rock party thingee. We got lost and a bit confused, and wound up there first, but the nice lady from the bar ushered us upstairs to the right place. My friend Nicola performed beautifully (and you can follow her on Twitter - search @CreativeHarvey) and there were great performances from Sunny, Hadassah Stars, Setsuna, Bellydance Belles, Arabian Dance Theatre (well, two of them!), Anna Zaremba and the night's organisers Dunya Belly Dance. Many thanks to Rosy and Michelle for putting the evening together, and for the gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins and Christmas mince pies on the tables. Nom...

Based on the advertising for last Friday's event, it seems that there were a few last-minute no-shows (every event organiser's nightmare, I'm sure), so the performers deserve extra special kudos. Many of them stepped up to fill the gaps with unscheduled sets, some of which were improvised. Now that is the mark of the professional.

It would be remiss of me to wrap up this post without giving a massive zaghareet to Zara's Souk, because I won a hip scarf from them in the raffle to support Sure Start Camden! I never win anything so I was well made up. I've bought from Zara's online shop and had great service, so am only too pleased to give 'em some props.

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