Friday, 2 December 2011

Hair be drag-ons

Having broached the sensitive issue of depilation earlier in the week, it was total kismet that lead me to this:

I've seen London's Hurly Burly Girls* do a variation on this - while Polly Rae crooned I Must Have That Man, upstage a sailor with "his" back turned to the audience slowly stripped naked while most of the women present bayed like banshees. At the song's end, "he" whipped off "his" cap (spoiler alert!) to allow a cascade of blonde hair to fall down her back before turning around with her hands strategically placed in front of her crotch. It was the only truly "burlesque" moment in the whole show.

As for this piece - well, although I like the element of Crying Game-esque surprise, it could be meta. (Link supplied for younger readers who don't get the aged pop-cultural reference.) Who else thinks this would be awesome if we were seeing a woman dressed as a man in drag? And is it so wrong that I'm tempted to make it a reality myself?

(Please do excuse the lousy double-whammy of puns in this post's title. It's Friday and I'm a little low on inspiration.)

*Link NSFW. But I'm sure you'd figured as much.

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