Sunday, 11 December 2011

A weekend of it

On Friday I was lucky enough to go to Amira's Christmas Hafla in Balham, London. Gotta say that it was the venue of the year so far: the sumptuous surrounds of the local Polish community's meeting hall, complete with gilt-framed mirrors, red curtains and Czech crystal chandeliers, are pretty tough to beat. It was also a night of fantastic performances - I can honestly say there wasn't a duff one in the bunch.

Although I tweeted the night's proceedings (oh, don't worry, that makes me feel a little squeezy too), here's the actual run sheet from the night:

First half
  1. Delilah
  2. Beckenham Improvers (Sakina, Jyl, Taneka, Anouf, Marrissa, Jill and Anna)
  3. Jenny
  4. Gilda's Students (Annie, Lani, Leah and Trish)
  5. Tooting Improvers (Jane, Carol, Danielle, Jo, Rita, Helen and Elaine)
  6. Desire [it's pronounced "Dez - ah - ray", actually]
  7. Beckenham Intermediates (Sue, Linda, Anna and Maddy)
  8. Amira
Unfortunately, Anais was unable to perform as scheduled.

Second half
  1. Nefiseh [Shamadan and zagat]
  2. Veil Dance (Jane, Sakina, Sue, Linda, Carol, Anna and Gilda)
  3. Maho and Students [ATS]
  4. Jane and Sakina [veil]
  5. Balham Intermediates (Jenny, Pauline and Rachel)
  6. Gilda [veil]
  7. Anna Kemper [of Small World Belly Dance, Brixton]
  8. Razia - in her last London performance until at least 2013. And she made sure we'll miss her, too!
Thanks to Amira and the organisers for such a fun night out.

This weekend also saw the Fantasia festival in Turnham Green. [Sidenote: aren't English place names the awesomest?] Alas, my plans to go and support friends in the competitions and attend a couple of workshops were thwarted by a combination of prior commitments on Saturday and generally feeling lousy today. HOWEVER, I do know that Hawaiian Hula UK had a splendid time, which makes me even more rueful because that workshop was on my wishlist, and that Rachael looked beautiful in the Isis competition (Facebook is good like that). Ahnemon took out bronze in the Palace Dancers competition, with only their second-ever performance together. This rounds out a great fortnight for Ahnemon's Maelle, who came second in her heat at Belly Dance Trophies last weekend. Phew! 

Next Friday, all going well, I'll be attending my last hafla of the year, Hafla on the Hill, where my friend Nicola will be performing. And then I suspect I'll be all hafla-ed out....


  1. Boooooo, sorry to hear you're not feeling too good. We missed you in the workshop! Maybe next time :)