Tuesday, 24 January 2012

"I'm not too fond of belly dancers"

Hat-tip to Mahin's Belly Dance Daily Quickie for today's clip from US reality show All-American Muslim.

Recently I witnessed something that made me more understanding of the point of view held by the woman who speaks at the end of this clip. If I can ever calm down enough to write objectively about it I'll let you know what it was! (The keywords are: tipping; teeth; bra.)

That said, I do think that the dancer in this clip does a good job of being charming, restrained and not at all hoochie. She doesn't have any control over the baggage her audience brings to her performance: that's their shit to deal with, not hers.

UPDATE: Apparently chain store Loew's has a problem with depicting American Muslims as, y'know, Americans who aren't also terrorists and/or religious extremists. They've pulled all their advertising from the show, prompting a boycott of their stores. To quote a book many Christians are (or should be) familiar with, "As ye sow, so shall ye reap." Amen.

Hateful campaign targets All-American Muslim.


  1. How is it the same with stripping? She isn't even taking any layer of clothing off. Well, she ditched the Isis Wings, but that's it. And she's wearing a very covered and tasteful costume.

  2. I'm more shocked that there's an American program about Muslims that's trying to be positive.... way to be surprisingly tolerant and forward-thinking? Or is this just another BS reality tv show.....
    The dancer was very tasteful and did a great job, but the lady's comments aren't as bad as they could have been ;)

  3. Hello Famous and Rae!

    Yeah, I don't think her comments were as bad as they could have been either. I was thinking more about that and the perceived reaction of the Western men who were "a bit *too* into it."

    I guess when it comes to costuming you can't ever be too covered up for some people - they'll always object to your hips moving! I'd be interested to know if they objected as much to the Irish dancer's uncovered legs and high kicks ;)

    In a move of jaw-dropping offensiveness, home improvement chain Lowe's has pulled its advertising from All-American Muslim. I'm gonna update the post with a link.

    The Raqasa

  4. I can understand that for a Muslim woman who covers her hair, wearing a clinging dress (I thought the dancer's costume was gorgeous) and having her hair out, dancing in public probably is a pretty slippery slope to stripping.