Wednesday, 25 January 2012

On stage with the Arab-Hebrew Theatre

Mideast: When Talks Fail, Try Belly Dance, Inter Press Service, Wednesday, 18 May 2011 (posted by Global Issues)

This article isn't written in the plainest English - or, if it means what it says, then what it describes is a bit unfortunate:
"The atmosphere evokes the dizzying abandon of senses of sex-craving male party-goers in a dingy joint. In the incense-filled space — smoking is appropriately forbidden, so please leave your narghile water-pipe in the club's cloakroom — the audience stands up in a roaring ovation at the sight of the exuberant 'Saydati wa Sadati' (Ladies and Gentlemen, in Arabic) cabaret show, clap their hands, climb on chairs, and emulate the actors enmeshed in serpentine and lascivious poses."
I think most of us could do without seeing our dance boiled down to "sex-craving male party-goers in a dingy joint" ogling "actors enmeshed in serpentine and lascivious poses", right? On the other hand, it's interesting to read a discussion of the geo-political facet of Middle Eastern belly dance, even if only at a very high level.

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