Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Send Galit to the Fringe!

Ordinarily I wouldn't do a post like this, where I put a flat cap on the ground in front of me and start singing an off-key version of Wind Beneath My Wings.

[Why, thank you very much for your loose change, sir. God bless.]

However, Galit Mersand is unfairly talented and I would really like to help her out. How is it possible for someone to be both a great dancer and a hilarious comedienne? Eat your heart out, Margaret Cho:

For this reason, I am sharing with you the email Galit sent out over the weekend. We all know how tough it is for minority art forms like belly dance to get funding and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is Of Major Importance. (Flight of the Conchords is just one of the many acts who got their big break at the Fringe.) It would be nice to see Galit, who is a fantastic ambassador for the belly dance community, get a chance to realise her dream of going to Edinburgh. And she's right: it's extremely competitive and many shows close early after failing to attract an audience.

I know that times are tough all over - we're in the middle of a recession, after all, and dancers never really have any money after we pay for classes/costumes/day-to-day living, but if you do have even a tiny wee bit to spare we could make the dreams of a fellow dancer come true. Imagine! So let's crowd-source this thing and make it happen. From Galit:
"You may have already heard that Bellylicious is going to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year (in August).

This is a very big deal for me and I am of course delighted, excited and a little nervous :) but very much looking forward to it.

Doing Edinburgh Fringe Festival is quite a big financial undertaking, there's a registration fee, venue hire, travel expenses, accommodation & food, paying an assistant (+ assistant's travel, accommodation, food as well) , advertising & publicity and probably a few more expenses that I haven't yet found out about (this being my first time at Edinburgh Fringe).

I will need all the help I can get.

Making a profit in Edinburgh Fringe is usually unlikely for a small show like Bellylicious and there is no guarantee of breaking even.

I have added a 'Donate' button on the Bellylicious website's home page - www.bellylicious.org.uk/ - and would like to ask that if you can (and I really mean only if you can) please support Bellylicious at Edinburgh Fringe Festival by making a donation, however small { I'm not Tesco but every little bit really will help :) }"

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