Friday, 24 February 2012

Funky Friday: Zayne's 'Shake It'

Singer/dancer Zayne has a new video out ... starring Tara Lee Oakley and Giselle (i.e. 'real' belly dancers)! In my humble opinion, this is a great way to start your weekend.

Zayne claims that this is THE belly dance anthem of 2012. If you dig it, you can find more of his music via his Facebook page.

^Shimmies off humming to self^

Thanks to Maelle!


  1. That's really not half bad! Although I was a bit nervous when the dancers lounge too close to him. But, there are dancing boys, so I don't complain Haha.

  2. Hate the song (not my sort of music at all) but it is nice to see "proper" bellydance on something like that!

  3. OK, cards on the table time: I don't like this song either, not least because of the heavily processed vocals and the fist-gnawingly inane lyrics. On the other hand...belly dancing! So yay for that.

  4. The song reminds me of the type of songs Disney puts out for their musical movies (Camp Rock, High School Musical, etc), but I appreciate the belly dancing on Tara Lee Oakley and Giselle's part and the hip hop on Zayne's part.

  5. I'm glad it's not just me that found this song pretty embarrassing. Nice to see some real dancers getting to be in a non-sleazy music video though :-)