Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Breaking it down


Many thanks to Artemisia of Belgium for posting this on Facebook!

On a separate note, I was wryly amused to see somone I follow on Twitter calling out her troupe for bad behaviour:
Sick of troupe members who come late to class and don't read their emails and then bother me by asking what is happening. ARG!
I feel you, girl. But at the moment I'm feeling the pain from the other side. On Thursday I'm supposed to be performing with my class. I think. At least, I put my name down to do it, but that's as far as it's gone because I've heard nothing since.

The costuming hasn't been confirmed, how many of us are going to be in the show hasn't been (publicly) settled, and nor has the running order. To top it off, tonight is our last chance to finish the choreography.

That's right. The choreography isn't finished. Obviously, therefore, none of us know it. Wish us luck!

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