Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Let them bite you, because trolls are toothless!

This is for those of you who post videos of yourself on YouTube and are generous/brave enough to allow comments on them.

You've probably been told that you're too old, not old enough, too fat, too thin, too short and too tall to be a good dancer, and anyway, since you own a goldfish/aren't an Arab you've no business belly dancing anyway. You know, the really constructive, insightful and knowledge-based criticism, respectfully framed, that focuses on your technique and musicality thereby enabling and encouraging you to become a better dancer.

Naturally, you eagerly search these comments out, since they are a refreshing change from the requests for close-ups of your pierced navel and tempting offers to become some faceless droolsock's main squeeze.

It's worthwhile stripping the loincloth off the mouth-breathing trolls who dog your every online move, the better to laugh at their pathetic, flaccid, eeny-weeny opinions. It's also good to remind yourself that the bilious sludge spewed forth by the haters isn't personal: haters gonna hate, because that's what they do.

Here's a quote from a recent piece by Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker, which neatly encapsulates this idea:
I tend to ignore both criticism and praise, because I encounter so many dissenting assessments of my own value as a writer [dancer], or even simply as a collection of atoms, it all becomes meaningless noise. At any given moment, I've jumped the shark, returned to form, lost it, nailed it, provoked laughter or silence, impressed or bored the reader [viewer]. After years of carefully skim-reading the comments under my own articles [videos and photos], I can only conclude that none of you have the faintest bloody idea what you're on about.
With Charlie's words ringing in our ears (shaking before our eyes?) let's play a little game. Can you guess from the following YouTube comments who the dancers under discussion are? There are only two dancers here - one is very famous and the other is relatively obscure, though neither is Arab (hence the useful feedback along the "only Arabs can belly dance" lines). Needless to say, all comments are reproduced verbatim except where I could not help myself and user names are included to damn the guilty. Good luck!
  1. chetkh: Hahahahaah!! Yap a horse indeed.nice outfit though shame about the rest...maybe she should take up African dancing instead...she'd be good with the random jerky!
  2. shahzodaify: no one can compere to real Arabic women no matter how hard you try to dance belly.... MASHALLAH TO REAL ARABIC WOMEN ;)))))
  3. smashingpumpkin999: Haha! That was a mock of bellydance!
  4. Lousifer7: my eyes hurt me... i havent see worst video of belly dance even a 2 year old have more feeling in her movements than the lady of the video
  5. Mahidahoan: Arabic Women are the Best Belly Dancers--
  6. shahrzadbellydance: i hate her dance!
  7. liladanseuse28: Her costume is really vulgar :( @clipco1 Yes I agree. She sucks! Horrible! She tried to make some moves that doesn't fit at all in this Raqs Sharqi song. She killed this song! :(
  8. lidz77: meh, not my syle but she deff does have talent. its just to jerky for me, ruins it. wich is ashame thouhg couse the music is rockin
  9. bellysiren: she lets her stomach just sit there when shes doing isolations in her upper body....not very flattering and her style of dancing is odd
  10. sandyw329: the beginning is so weird, i wouldn't even choose the music to begin with. but personal difference. she seems really spaztic, like the sudden weird contraction. i dunno....definitely not my style
  11. raalaa: now that's what i call bad dancing...did she learned from a striper [sic - I'm sure the commenter meant 'stripper' - The Raqasa] how to dance!!!??( is kind o' bad for me to say that!!!?)she has no talent...anyway
  12. amorsecreto3000: Thanks for the feedback. I am no expert, but it was immediately clear to my eyes that there is no artistry here. [Emphasis added.]
  13. loopopdedak: uhm this is't belly dance just cuz she usses belly dance music en shimmy's;) And arabic prof. dancers often don't have a busy choreographies cuz it isn't 'bout walkinG around 'nd shimmy at the same time. The reason of arabic prof. belly dancers that there choreographies aren't busy is cuz thay have 2 dance a lot 'nd lonG on a performens, NOT just one sonG;)
  14. lustrousorchid: I've been told that the difference between Arabic dancers and American dancers is that Arabic dancers aim for simplicity. This does not mean the MOVEMENTS are simple (they aren't by any means), but that their choreographies aren't as busy.
  15. tempusdance: @lustrousorchid: YES! She dances like [she's having an] epileptic attack!! he he
...and if you guessed that comments 1 to 5 were on an old clip of champion Ukrainian dancer Alla Kushnir, then well done! Comments 6 to 15 were trickier, because they were all left on the same video of a performance by ..., wait, I've got it written down somewhere ...  ^The Raqasa gropes for her notes and adjusts her reading glasses^ ... erm, "Suhaila Salimpour".

I'd never heard of her, but despite these very negative comments, she really isn't that bad. In fact, with a bit of work she may even be able to make a living as a belly dancer one day. Good luck, Suhaila!

You should read the story behind the creation of this image!


  1. Wow, I really don't understand haters. But I guess that's because I'm a lover, not a fighter.