Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Weird Wednesday Woo: I vant to suck your ...

Sometimes, you'll be reminded of a near-forgotten celebrity in the strangest way and you'll realise that actually, yes, you ARE interested in whatever happened to Thingum Majig.

To whit, the "Sexy Vampire Menstrual/Post-partum Goddess Pad" from Etsy shop Mimi's Dreams:

A flash-in-the-pan '90s pop star is an unlikely poster boy for total commitment to women's health issues, but our main man here deserves the honour. He wasn't lying when he said:

"If there was a problem/Yo, I'll solve it."

On behalf of women everywhere, Vanilla Vampire, thank you.

Hat-tip to Dangerous Minds for publicising this whole new take on vagina dentata.

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