Thursday, 23 February 2012

Why so quiet, Jilly?

My darling calamari pieces,

I really am trying to get through all my mail, I promise. Your Aunty Jilly would never leave you in the lurch intentionally. But I am trying to avoid being tagged by Ron O'Dor: ever since news broke that I can fly, my life has just become one long chase scene!

Presumably you all think I mean 'tagged' as in 'tagged on Facebook'. Alas, for we non-humans, being tagged is a rather more literal and painful affair.

Squids can fly? If you are a member of the relatively small community of squid aficionados you've known this for a while.
But if you are a normal person with just a passing interest in cephalopods and all their many diverse abilities, the fact that these underwater creatures also occasionally get from point A to point B by flying above the water for distances of up to 164 feet at a time might just blow your mind.
Ron O'Dor, a marine biologist at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and co-author of a poster called "Squid Rocket Science" presented at the American Geophysical Union’s Ocean Sciences Meeting in Salt Lake City, said squids have good reason to fly. It is not to avoid predators, as was previously thought, but rather to save the animal energy as it migrates across vast expanses of ocean, O'Dor said. ...
O'Dor, who hopes to publish a paper about squid flight soon, says there is still much more research to be done to understand the ins and outs of rocketing squids.
He is trying to get funding to tag species of squid that he suspects of flying, to see how much they fly and at what times.

By the 'nads of Neptune! Mr O'Dor sure does stink, and if he finds out that I can belly dance too I am utterly fried!

Obviously I can't tell you where I am now - but here's a wee clue: Uppham Beach in Tampa Bay, Florida. It's the most spectacular hafla location ever! I will be back to being your favourite aquatic agony aunt as soon as the heat dies down. Meantime, I have to fly (ha!)!


Jilly xo

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