Thursday, 12 April 2012

Good to meet you: Naima of Spain

As long-time  readers may have gathered, I like old-school-film-dancer-lady-types. *wipes nose on sleeve and leers at you in an unsavoury way*

This has paid off in a way I never imagined - on an old post dedicated to Leila aka Lisa Guiraut, I got the following pulse-raising comment (translated from the Spanish):
Hello! My mother was friends with Leila when she acted in Mohammedia (Morocco) in the 60s. I am very interested to contact her on behalf of my mother so they can be reunited.

I too am a bellydancer and I just performed a tribute to Leila. My video "Naima - Raks Mustapha" is on Youtube.

Leila we miss you! Write to naimabellydancer @
Wow. The odds of Lisa Guiraut finding this blog are slim-to-nil, but let me tell you all right now that I found Naima's tribute to her on YouTube and she's done Lisa proud.

Raks Mustapha is by George Abdo. Here's Naima's video. It's slammin':

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