Monday, 30 April 2012

Harem dancers: Linda Cristal in "Legions of the Nile"

And it's a big thank you once again to Peplums for sourcing today's post! Today we feature Argentinian actor Linda Cristal as Cleopatra in Legions of the Nile aka Legions of Cleopatra. (Not to be confused with either "Cleopatra's Lesions", a skin condition contracted by those who bathe in goat's milk, or "Legions of Cleopatras", a group of Vegas cosplay enthusiasts.)

For those who grew up watching Linda in 1800s period costume on TV Western The High Chaparral, seeing her like this must have been quite the eye-popper.
Cleopatra enters a tavern and dances for the peasants, who don't know she's their Queen. Ettore Manni tosses her a coin.
It all ends in a riot.

Not based on a historical event, in other words...