Saturday, 28 April 2012

Photo du jour: Snake-bodied woman

Crypt of Wrestling  

"SEE A Beautiful GIRL With the BODY of a SNAKE - She Talks to you - TOTALLY AWESOME"

And then, in a much harder to read colour on the door, "Illusion". 

I like that you're warned before going in that what you're about to see is an illusion, so adjust your expectations accordingly. I wonder how Snake Girl manages her "illusion" of talking? Does she communicate with well-timed hisses or is she voiced by a ventriloquist? This is very important, people. Anyone out there who understands the vocal limitations of human/herpetofauna hybrids, please clarify.

This is not really anything to do with raqs, obviously, but I wanted to show you guys what I'm going to get painted on the side of my panel van. TOTALLY AWESOME.