Thursday, 5 April 2012

Stars of the 1950s: Hind Rostom

Ages ago, on 17 January, I promised a post on Hind Rostom, and here it is. (You'll find a clip of Hind dancing with a shamadan at the link, along with a bit of extra info.) Technically Hind was a movie star, but her roles generally relied more on her abilities as a raqasa than her acting chops.

Hind was born in Alexandria, Egypt on 11 November 1929 to a middle-class father and an aristocratic mother. At 16 she made her first film, Azhaar wa Ashwak (Flowers and Thorns).

In 1955 she hit the big time when famous director Hassan Al Imam offered her a role in Banat el Lail (Women of the Night). I'm pretty sure it was about women working the night shift at an orphanage. Ahem.

She then starred in a huge number of films (detailed on her Wikipedia page, where I've sourced all her biographical information).

She all but retired in 1979, and once refused a huge amount of money to release the rights to her life story, but she did make this television appearance in 2010. There are a lot of clips from her film career and show an 80-year-old Hind looking as lovely and vivacious as you can imagine. Since this includes scenes from Struggle on the Nile, with Omar Sharif, I won't include them below:

Hind died on 8 August 2011 following a heart attack.

Here she is with the just-as-legendary Farid Al-Atrache in the classic Inta Habibi. Hind has a lot of dance scenes in this film, but this is one of the most fun:

Hind could bust a move but wasn't much of a singer. Whenever a role required her to sing, Nadia Fahmy supplied her voice. Here's Hind channelling Nadia for Eldonya Kasaat, from the film Al Jassad (note the castanets):

And now here she is dancing in 1957's Oshaq Elleil:

Finally, here's a longer clip of Hind busting it out Baladi-styles for 1958's Touha. You can see why Fifi Abdou was a fan!

If you are hungry for more Hind, there's more than you'll ever be able to cope with over at the YouTube channel dedicated to her.

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