Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stars of the Millennium: Suraiya of Poland

Last Thursday Fiona and I were meant to practise at my place, but instead we were so distracted by my neighbour having noisy sex (and accidentally glimpsing him through his open window in act of same) that we wrote the whole evening off and began a session of "Have you seen this?".

"Have you seen this?" involves looking up YouTube videos of dancers who are hugely famous among a small-ish group of people, and then marvelling that they are not even more famous. My "share" was Suraiya of Poland, and Fiona's will be the subject of the next "Stars of" post.

I first saw Suraiya at the 2009 International Bellydance Congress. We were in a Leyla Jouvana workshop.

*The screen goes a bit misty and the room starts to ripple as we move back in time....*

Suraiya was unmissable: she's one of those dancers who is always "on", by which I mean I've never spotted her looking like she couldn't just head out on stage at the drop of a hat. Even in class, she was wearing a big smile and looked totally delectable in a matching top and yoga pants combo. She's a qualified Pilates instructor, apparently, so she looks as though she can balance swords on that glossy mane of jet black hair of hers in zero gravity.

In short, she would be loathsome were she not so gosh darned lovely.

Lovely, and also so unbelievably gifted that I think she's an alien from Planet Raqs. Just look at the speed and accuracy of those hip and chest combos. Here she is with Mansour, at Hannover's Oriental Superstars Made in Europe Festival 2011. Adjust your speakers for crowd noise!:

And here they are in Latvia:

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