Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy birthday, Rae!

My friend Rae is not only one of the best dancers I know, she is also a totally rad individual who makes you realize that despite the existence of the Republican Party, there are still plenty of awesome people in the world so maybe you should just cheer the fuck up already. All my friends are like that, in my humble opinion, and if you're reading this blog on a regular basis chances are you are too. So, in a way, these nipples are also for you, you divine creature you.

But today is Rae's birthday, and because she isn't in the country at the moment I can't give her a tangible gift. Instead, I am virtually presenting her with this picture of New Zealand's favourite boxer and rugby player, Sonny Boy Williams (not to be confused with blues legend Sonny Boy Williamson). Regrettably, Sonny Boy displays all the intelligence, wisdom, wit and panache of a cheeseburger, but he seems a decent enough sort of a bloke and, as you can see, he has a very nice Samoan tattoo.

In any case, it's about time I started redressing the balance of female semi-nudity on this blog.


  1. That's one hell of a birthday present! Happy birthday Rae!

  2. To provide some context, Rae watches "Spartacus", which is filmed in NZ with a lot of Polynesian guys as extras and I did say (a long time ago) that I'd send her a pic of Sonny Boy, who I though would fit right in in a swords n' sandals epic.

    So here it is!

  3. Ooh! Happy birthday. I have to watch his clips now. My sister used to talk about him a lot. She follows him everywhere dedicatedly. I am sure he is a good dancer. He was probably there in an event space Chicago few months ago but I wasn’t sure.