Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pandemonium in pink: Candi Bell

God, it's grim Up North. Or is it?

No wonder people start teaching. Where else are you going to get a group of dancers to big you up?

This was Candi Bell's 2010 farewell to the Jewel of Yorkshire (JOY) festival, and is a tribute to Argentinian dancer Asmahan of Cairo (now Miami) who was known for her dramatic entrances -- bare-chested men bearing her aloft on a throne and so forth. Here she is "coming out of her shell" (fnah!):

You get the idea. Just don't confuse her with the American dancer Asmahan of London or the Syrian Druze singer, Asmahan.

I've had a link to Candi's now-seemingly-defunct website here since this blog kicked off, but I'd never seen her dance until May's Arabesque Nights, when she came out with shocking-pink Isis wings emblazoned with CANDI in electric blue across the back. I think this clip captures her wit, energy and joie de vivre very well.

(The music is Rania's Hilwa Laabi Di, and you can get it either here or on iTunes.)


  1. Candi has a new website:

  2. Thank you Beafarhana! I have updated the link list accordingly. Candi is awesome. xo