Sunday, 13 May 2012

Photo du jour: Jeannie R

Source: These Americans
This was found in a box of 1960s/'70s Polaroids someone bought at a garage sale. OK, fine -- "yard sale". Whatever. Anyway, it turned out to be a treasure trove of audition pictures that aspiring strippers had sent to a club owner in hopes of getting work -- it looks like if you made the shortlist they put your name on your photo with a labelling gun. Closer inspection also reveals pin holes at each corner and an old Sellotape mark, so someone liked this enough to keep it on display. If you are at all interested in grimy glamour and kitschy kicks this is the photo set for you, albeit a wee bit NSFW.

Jeannie R here demonstrates the perils of transparent pantaloons, and the kick-ass fantasticness of painting your face in a metallic hue. Gauzy pants aside, this is a really choice costume and the era's taste in grundies has spared her blushes a bit. Check out the coverage afforded by those incongruously modest white cotton knickers!

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