Monday, 18 June 2012

Photo du jour: "Jilly" and "The Raqasa"

Hello there my darling little shrimps

As you all know, I exist to smooth your beautifully shiny hair off the silky smooth skin of your troubled brows, but I hope you ungrateful barnacles on the butt of the world will indulge me in a gripe of my own for once.

Recently Raqsy and I attended a photo shoot with a well-respected photographer. All we wanted was a nice portrait of ourselves that we could use on invitations to a party to celebrate 300 posts on The Occidental Dancer -- a landmark occasion that will soon be upon us.

Our only requirement was that we look like "presentable versions of ourselves", by which we meant professional hair and makeup (for Raqsy, obvs), pro lighting and a flattering camera angle. We did not mean "airbrush and Photoshop us to hell", mainly because Raqsy and I have enough vanity to believe we don't require DEFCON 5 level retouching.

Obviously our photographer disagreed, and we should have sensed trouble when he told us he was going for "a Baywatch/Swamp Thing-type feel". For the record, I am orange and a Colossal Squid, while Raqsy is brunette, on the mortal side of 30 and the proud owner of thighs. Mmm. Tasty, tasty thighs...

But I digress. This is the "best" photo from our shoot:
To make matters worse, that's meant to be me on the left. Look at those stubby tentacles!


Jilly xo

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