Sunday, 22 July 2012

300 posts: You can win, small time!

If you're wondering why I suddenly have a new avatar that is actually of my own gurning dial*, it's because The Occidental Dancer today marks its 300th post. Amazing, innit? Look at how happy Gerard Butler is there, celebrating away for all he's worth, bless 'im.

To mark this auspicious event, and because I am moving into what is effectively a garden shed, I am offering you lucky people the chance to take some of my second-hand crap off my hands receive a heartfelt token of appreciation for giving me a reason to keep this daft contribution of negligible value to the internet going.
Because she has a lot of arms she's not using, Jilly the Belly Dancing Colossal Squid and Agony Aunt is doing the admin for me. Jilly will send the fortunate few their totally wicked booty at my own expense, to wherever in the world you like. Give her a 'like' or send her a message on Facebook (you'll recognise her avatar) and tell her which of the following things you want. If you want more than one thing, please give her an order of preference. And yo, try not to be too greedy:
  • Coined hipscarf (sorry - coinless is gone! Congratulations Eilean).
  • Suhaila Salimpour Bellydance Yoga Fitness Fusion DVD that, because of the obvious typos on the cover, I'm guessing is probably bootlegged (plays just fine).
  • A pair of slightly tatty gold Isis wings, perfect for practise but not for use in a living room only slightly larger than Mitt Romney's heart. They'd be perfect if you've never tried Isis wings before and are wing-curious. They are not performance standard, but I will package them for you as carefully as I can. On their way to long-time supporter Lilith Noor! x
  • A pair of black, flared tribal-fusion pants that I've never worn because by the time they arrived from China I'd eaten all the pies and they're too small for me -- if you're a size 10 I reckon they'll do you.
  • A never-worn purple velour and chiffon tie-front top from Farida Dance with matching hip belt (I can tell you through bitter tears that if you're larger than a C-cup you have no chance of getting into the top. If you're creative, you may find another use for the fabric). Why never worn? Because right after I bought them for a class performance, my teacher decided we were all to wear black. Now gracing the lovely Patricia!
Of course, there is one other thing you could do to make sure that Jilly's fickle tentacles address a package to you. Send her a video or picture of a dancer -- it could be you, or a friend who's cool with you sharing it -- that she's allowed to post here and she will gaze more favourably on your request. A hilarious joke or anecdote never goes amiss with her, either. No guarantees though; she is a squid, after all. She might pick you just 'cause she likes your name.

The house-moving happens this weekend, so I won't have a lot of internet access until we're all settled in. Posting my be a little patchy over this period, but rest assured I will let those of you who've scored some stuff know as soon as I can.

UPDATE: Please provide a second choice if possible. I also now have a few other bits and pieces to part with and I'll be posting pics of everything on her page. Thanks!

*And shoulders clad in my lovely new cover-up from Zara's Zouk.

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  1. ooh, a face to match to the blog. Awesome!

    And helloooo new favourite shopping site, how has this eluded me for so long? *bookmarks galore*