Monday, 30 July 2012

Stars of the 1970s: Mona el Said

Mona was a fantastic dancer who, for whatever reason, never cracked the Fifi/Samia/Tahia pantheon and was always a bit second-tier. Who knows why? Let's not forget that the second tier from the top is a long way away from where most dancers get, somewhere on the bottom level of the multi-level subterranean car park.

Mona hanging out on a flying carpet. As you do.
Mona now lives and teaches in Hurghada. If you want the sharp technique of a mechanised whip and to look as at ease as on stage as Bukowski did in a dive bar, maybe you should look her up.

This costume/stage set combination rocks my world. The only thing that would make this more splendid is if Mona rode off down a rainbow on a My Little Pony at the end:

And check out this symphony in yellow:

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